Placement Procedure

  • Interested companies contact professor-in-charge or placement officer, Training and Placement Cell for a Job Notification Form (JNF) at
  • JNF request the companies to fill in mandatory details of the job profile – role offered, pay package, place of posting, eligible departments.
  • Once the filled-in-JNF with all the required details is received, companies are assigned username/password to access their online account on T&P website.
  • Companies are also assigned space on the server on which they may upload any presentation, videos, data or other information they want the students to see.
  • The JNF has to be frozen on the T&P website by the company till a deadline, after which the students shall be able to view all the details, and the eligible students may apply.
  • After the application deadline for the students, the resumes are visible to the company. The company submits shortlist on its online account before a deadline.
  • Shortlisted students get notified.
  • The placement office allots the dates for the campus interviews.
  • After the completion of the selection procedure on campus, company is required to announce the final list of the students on the same day itself.
  • If a student is selected, the job is registered against him/her and he/she would not be allowed to appear for more interviews as per placement policy.

    1. All students who expect to graduate from the Institute by the end of the academic year and are seeking employment may register for campus placements with this office. Placement Registration is for ONE ACADEMIC YEAR ONLY.
    2. Registration will be done after the results of 6th Semester will be declared.
    3. Campus placement is a facility provided for the students. Registration is not compulsory at all. Students not interested in placements may not register for placements.
    4. Students will have to follow the minimum eligibility rules as declared by the WeNayak office.
    5. Students who have acquired their degrees and were not placed in the earlier year will not be allowed to re-register
    6. 6. Each registered student will be given a unique student account to the placement website - to access the placement notices, company announcements and to upload resumes.
    7. Registration fee is Rs.300/-
      * Registration fee will not be returned under any circumstances.
    1. Students are advised to read the announcements made, go through the company website and apply only if interested.
    2. Students are expected to follow the institute resume template available on the placement website for preparing the resumes.
    3. The details of the resume have to be genuine and any student found violating this rule will be disallowed from the placements for the rest of the academic year.
    4. Students have to submit their resumes to the WeNayak cell.
    1. Notices of the PPT will be published on the placement website or T&P notice board. Students should occupy the venue 15-mintues before the scheduled start of the PPT
    2. Students interested in a particular company, must attend its PPT without fail
    3. Attendance will be taken and only those students who have attended a particular PPT will be eligible to apply for that company
    4. Students must clarify details regarding salary break-up, job profile, place of work, bond details etc with the companies during PPT (pre-placement talk)
    5. Students cannot decide on their own (voluntarily) to drop from the selection process of a particular company, after sitting through its PPT and uploading the resume unless the student de-registers from the placements.
    6. Special Cases:
      1. For companies who have already completed PPTs, the students can apply after the PPT.
      2. In cases where the students have to upload the resume prior to the PPT, they can voluntarily drop from that company’s selection process after sitting through the PPT.
    1. It is the responsibility of the student to check announcements/notices/ updated information/shortlisted names etc. in the notice boards of Placement Office/website. Students are expected to be in time as per the announcements.
      1. A student who applies and gets shortlisted is bound to go through the entire selection process unless rejected midway by the company. Any student who withdraws deliberately in the midst of a selection process will be disallowed from placement for the rest of the academic year.
      2. LATE COMERS FOR APTITUDE TEST/GD / INTERVIEW may not be allowed to appear for the selection process.
      Students should maintain discipline and show ethical behaviour in every action they take during the placement process. Any student found violating the discipline rules set by the company or defaming the institute name will be disallowed from the placements for the rest of the academic year.
      a) Students found cheating or misbehaving in the selection process (PPT/Test/GD/Interview) will be disallowed from the placements for the rest of the academic year.
      1. The Placement Office has de-linked Pre-Placement Offers from placements. Hence, students who have a pre-placement offer will be allowed to register for placements.
      2. However, such students will be eligible to appear for placements until the day on which the company (which has offered PPO) visits the campus.
      3. The student/company should inform Placement Office if they have got offered PPO/PPOs. If the student does not declare his getting the PPO to Placement Office it shall attract retribution.
      4. The Companies should also inform the Placement Office when the student has conveyed his/her acceptance of the PPO prior to commencement / their visit to the Institute for placement.
      5. The Student has to send his/her acceptance of the PPO through the Placement Office only. Such students will not be allowed to sit for further placement process.
    2. MULTIPLE OFFERS: Each student is eligible for only one job offer.
      1. If a student receives more than one offer owing to delays in the announcements of results by the companies, the student is bound to accept the job offer whose results are declared earlier.
      2. If the results are declared on the same day, the student may choose from the offers in hand and inform the placement office of his choice, within 24 hrs of announcement of results.
    3. Every student who is selected by a company is out of placement thereafter i.e. deregistered from the placement website. A deregistered account will be activated, only on a case to case basis, at the discretion of Training & Placement.
      Announcement on the notice board will be considered as firm offer. Offers received from companies must be collected as per timings in circular / notice. The responsibility of going through the offer letter and taking actions therein such as submission of documents lies entirely with the student. In case offers are received directly by the student from the company, the same must be intimated to the Placement office.
      The Placement office assumes that every selected student will pass the medical test. If there is a rejection at this stage, the students registration will be renewed and the student becomes eligible again to seek placement through this office.
      In case, students decide not to join the company, they should inform the company in writing with reasons within 15 days after the placement is offered.. They are also required to submit a copy of that letter to the Placement Office.
      Students must be formally dressed whenever they participate in any sort of interaction with a company. This office reserves the right to refuse permission to a student to attend the selection process, if their attire is unsatisfactory.
      Students must bring their identity cards with them whenever they go through a placement process
    5. For all matters not covered by the above regulations, the Placement Office will use its discretion to take appropriate decisions
    6. The WeNayak cell/institute/management will not be responsible for issues after the student is placed.
    7. The training & placement cell only helps to get the students recruited.
    8. A student if does not opt for three interviews offered he will be considered as placed on his/her own. Job may be offered for any of the locations, and if the student denies it will be counted as not opted.
    9. Students offered job by the company anywhere in India/Abroad will have to accept, else he will be disqualified for further placement process.
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  • Student's Testimonial

    1. Akhil Karkhanis

      As a student of a Post-Graduation, I would like to have a college in which more focused on Research & Development. One of the major highlights of my curriculum at SRICT has been the research and practical based education. Our department works hard to make sure that students are not working in isolation but have team of staff to assist in their overall development. We have good facilities of well-equipped research labs and have a skilled team of staff to guide us in our research.

      • Chintan Jilka

        Since the first movement I came to SRICT, the environment is full of energy & enthusiasm. The experienced teachers pointed out common pitfalls and they are easily approachable to discuss difficulties. I personally feel like SRICT is a ‘world in one place’. It is enriched with large number of active clubs i.e. WeNayak, Kathan, 5S, IIChE, IEI student’s chapter and many more. Being a member of such club is a great opportunity for any budding engineer. The extra efforts of conducting English proficiency classes along with management course aids into our portfolio enhancing our overall personality. Being an Electrical engineering student, I feel SRICT is like a generator, faculty members are like step up transformer and all together they empowers a responsible industry ready professionals. I will always cherish my experiences with institute which is a wonderful balance of knowledge, skills, fun and friendship.

    2. Srushti Patel

      SRICT have been a great platform for all the students to come up with their skills and hard work. The thing that we admire the most is the support we received from everyone at the college. The better learning environment, facilities and the resources have helped the students to create and develop themselves. SRICT is a place where potential are harnessed, skills are developed, confidence is built and dreams are realized.

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