Chemical Engineering

The Department of Chemical Engineering was started in the year 2011 with 55 undergraduate students in the B.E. Chemical Engineering programme and has been doing its best to bring about excellence in academics for last 5 years. The PG Programme of M.E. in Chemical Engineering was started in year 2015. The current sanctioned strength of the B.E. Chemical Engineering Program and M.E. Chemical Engineering Program is 60 and 18 respectively for full time courses. The Department is well equipped with good undergraduate laboratories and research laboratories.The department has well qualified faculty from foreign Universities, IITs, NITs and reputed State universities. There are many R&D projects on going from different industries like BEIL, ETL and Shivalik. Students as well as faculty members of the Department are involved in that.

To make the student industry ready several initiatives have been taken in due time like regular industrial visits in every semester right from the beginning. Industry individuals of repute are invited to deliver lecture on their expertise. Peer learning initiatives are implemented among students where in senior students teach their peers or juniors. Through 5S implementation they learn the discipline and organization of a work place. Department runs special courses on MATLAB for in house students. The faculty of the Department runs Performance Acceleartion in Chemical Engineering program in Zydus Cadilla, ankleshwar. AMIIChE program is coordinated by the Department. Department of Chemical Engineering has got formal research and academic collaboration with NCL Pune and NEERI. There are different refresher courses conducted by Chemical Engineering department. The placement of Chemical Engineering students was 80% for 2011 entry batch.


To achieve excellence in chemical Engineering and allied fields by providing excellent teaching learning experience enabling students to become competent professionals to tackle global issues.


1. To provide excellent technical education to students with basics of chemical engineering

2. To provide theoretical and practical education so that students vigorously apply knowledge in solving chemical engineering problems for sustained development.

3. To inculcate professional ethics among students by exposing them to state of the art technologies in the field.

4. To inspire students for lifelong learning and to develop leadership qualities in their career.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs):

1. To impart the fundamentals of chemical engineering and enable them to have a successful career in industries of wide range.

2. To deliver quality technical education to develop sustainable technology for addressing global issues.

3. To prepare scholars who are able to solve highly complex chemical engineering problems for the future demands.

4. To provide practical aspects of chemical engineering to students by ways of industrial visits, expert lectures and increased industry-institute interaction thereby making students industry ready.

5. To prepare graduates who can effectively communicate, demonstrate leadership qualities with creative thinking and professional ethics.

Program Outcomes (POs):

Students will be able to

PO1: apply the concepts of mathematics and science to chemical engineering problems.

PO2: solve practical problems by utilizing fundamental concepts of chemical engineering like stoichiometry, unit operations, thermodynamics, process control and chemical reaction engineering.

PO3: analyze real life technical problems related to chemical engineering.

PO4: offer solutions to technical problems and design processes to take care of environmental, societal and cultural needs.

PO5: apply research methodologies such as planning and carrying out experiments, generate, analyze and interpret data and draw a conclusion.

PO6: develop model and simulate chemical engineering problems using appropriate numerical techniques and modern IT tools along with their scope and limitations.

PO7: apply logical thinking, contextual knowledge to assess health, safety, legal issues and offer relevant solutions.

PO8: assess environmental impact of engineering and provide professional solution to a given real life problem along with remedial measures to make process/solution sustainable.

PO9: work efficiently as an individual or as a team member in diverse disciplines.

PO10: interact effectively with engineering community and society at large for solving complex engineering problems by way of technical presentations and preparing project reports.

PO11: apply CPM/PERT techniques in their project work as an individual and as a team member in multidisciplinary environment.

PO12: engage independently in lifelong learning process in constantly evolving chemical engineering knowledge and practices.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs):

The graduate of Chemical engineering will demonstrate:

1. The ability to understand and analyse chemical engineering concept through unit operations, chemical reaction engineering, and modelling and simulation.

2. Practical aspects of chemical engineering equipments and process.

3. The ability to apply core chemical engineering knowledge for providing better services while practicing engineering in process industries.

4. The ability to work with ethical responsibility considering the norms of the engineering practices by undergoing continuous learning through peer learning initiatives, 5S, pair learning, design engineering, open ended project and active learning assignment.

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