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The department of chemistry was established in the year of 2018 under the SRICT Institute of Science and Research on the footsteps of reputed and quality education based institute SRICT. Department of Chemistry started with the post-graduation course in organic chemistry (M.Sc.). After the successful journey of decades now SRICT is a part of UPL University of Sustainable Technology. Now under the umbrella of UPL University, SRICT and SRICT-ISR both are included.

SRICT-ISR has started a new course in B.Sc. Chemistry and M.Sc. Organic Chemistry, Regular & Evening also. The curriculum allows a more in-depth understanding and comprehensive knowledge base in a specific subject. With an M.Sc degree, students can pursue a PhD degree or increase their chances of career development in the basic sciences.

SRICT - ISR has highly qualified faculties with good number of publications in reputed journals, good laboratory facilities, advanced classroom, canteen and transportation facilities. It provides wonderful placement opportunity to all eligible students. To build and shape your career in programs such as B.Sc. Chemistry and M.Sc. Organic Chemistry you may contact UPL University of Sustainable Technology.

Course Learning Outcomes:

1. Demonstrate and apply the fundamental knowledge of the basic principles in various fields of Chemistry

2. Acquire deep knowledge in the study of physical, chemical, electrochemical and magnetic properties, structure elucidation using various techniques and applications of various organic and inorganic materials

3. Cultivate awareness towards the environment and apply knowledge to solve existing issues related to environmental pollution and prevent any future concerns

4. Conduct various quantitative and qualitative analyses

5. Demonstrate the experimental techniques pertaining to the subject and express their findings in verbal, written and electronic formats

Career Opportunities:

Upon successful completion of M.Sc. in Chemistry, post-graduates can choose a career from various fields such as:

1. Food & Dairy

2. Petroleum

3. Agriculture

4. Forensic Science Environmental Science

5. Environmental Science

6. Polymers & Paints

7. Pharmaceuticals

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