Chemical Technology

The Chemical technology programme at GTU which is being carried out in SRICT is designed to lay sound foundation in basic sciences and chemical engineering- such as separation processes, chemical reaction engineering, transport phenomena, chemical engineering economics, instrumentation and process control. Along with basic sciences and chemical engineering the branch of Chemical technology encompasses different kind of subjects from Pharmaceutical technology, Polymer & Rubber technology, Dyes & pigments technology and Glass & Ceramics technology. The program is first of its kind in Gujarat with basic syllabi the same for both chemical engineering and chemical technology courses, including mathematics and computation. As a consequence, B.E. students from these 4 sub-branches of chemical technology are treated at par with chemical engineering graduates for higher studies in western universities.


To strive to produce ‘Chemical Technologists’ who would be globally competitive, socially and ethically conscious, and having skill-sets to successfully meet demands of society and work in frontier areas of Chemical Technology.


  • To emphasize through appropriate course content the fundamentals of applied chemistry for Chemical Technological applications.
  • To impart practical aspects of the profession by way of prevalent industrial practices by designing relevant experiments in state-of-the-art laboratories.
  • To produce competent man power with deep awareness of ethics and environment for sustainable development of Chemical profession.
  • To orient students to entrepreneurial skill-sets to ultimately lead to self-sufficiency for the nation.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs):

  • To impart scientific and technical ability to students by way of course content to carry out analysis of technological products of Chemical Industry.
  • To prepare students for global standards to achieve professional excellence and provide solutions to complex technological challenges in Chemical Technology.
  • To help students imbibe the importance of concept of quality control and assurance and related analytical aspects by way of experience in state-of-the-art laboratories.
  • To provide students exposure to modern tools for analyzing and solving complex technological problems of Chemical Industry.
  • To help students to attain leadership qualities to deliver technical and sustainable solutions to community problems.

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