Research Projects

SRICT is focused on solving industrial problems. There are different projects on which students as well as faculty members are working on. The projects are sponsored by BEIL, ETL and Shivalik. The different projects are given below:

  • 1. Plastic bag pick up

    In this project investigators are trying to find the solution of plastic bags scattered everywhere as a waste. The project consists of a machine which can pick selectvely plastic bags. Segregation can take place once the collection has been done. Investigators have found the solution and plastic bag pick up machine has shown successful demonstration at road side.

  • 2. Plastic waste to oil

    This project converts plastic waste to fuel based on the hydrocarbon chain present in the polymer. The pyrolyis of the polymer takes place in a reactor and the gases produced are condensed in a controlled environment

  • 3. Jatropa oil to biodiesel

    Jatropa seeds contain a huge amount of oil which can be extracted and used for the fuel production. Extracted oil was converted to bio-diesel by esterification process and the characteristics of the bio-diesel and blend of bio-diesel and diesel have been investigated. The bio-diesel formed is compatible with quality of conventional diesel

  • 4. Electrochemical oxidation of wastewater

    Nowadays various advanced treatment methods are available for the removal of impurities from wastewater. Electrochemical oxidation process has demonstrated its high potential for the treatment of industrial wastewater. The first advantage of that is, it can be used for various industrial effluents, second it can be combined with other method very easily. The investigators are focusing on developing model type machine based on the capacity of the plant for wastewater treatment.

  • 5. Precious metal recovery from e waste

    Electronic items after their useful life get wasted and called as e-waste. The metals present in e-waste can be recovered and have a good value. The investigators are recovering gold and silver by eco-friendly method and recycling all the material present.

  • 6. Lead recovery from waste batteries

    Lead is present in batteries upto 95% in pure and impure form. The metals present after its useful life can be recovered and reuse for making new batteries. The investigators are trying to find the solution of getting 95% pure lead by economical and less hazardous way.

  • 7. Paint sludge to primer

    Present invention narrates the innovative ecofriendly and clean technology of recycling and conversion of paint sludge, a hazardous waste into a user-friendly primer, meeting customer’s specifications. Further, this will avoid incineration of paint sludge, saving money and time taken to disposed of sludge at hazardous waste disposal sites.

  • 8. Rederived fuel to syn gas

    Municipal soild waste has some waste which can have high calorific value after pyrolysis. The high calorific values materials are picked and pyrolysed. The gas produced can be used as fuel. Investigators are trying to make a reactor which can pyrolyse the rederived fuel and the gases produced can be used.

  • 9. Refining of waste oil

    A huge amount of engine oil is wasted due to foreign impurities introduced in the engine oil. If the impurities are removed, the oil can be reused again. The investigators have successfully developed a process by which impurities can be removed and oil can be reused.

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