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Industrial Visit @ Godrej Ltd

Sep 20, 2019

Students of 3rd semester Chemical Engineering visited Godrej Industries Ltd., Valia on 19th September 2019. The Plants has two Fatty Alcohol units with Distributed Control System. The students visited...

Industrial Visit @ Surya Lifescience

Sep 20, 2019

Department of Environmental Science and Technology had conducted industrial visit for the Students of 7th Semester at "Surya Life Science" on 18/09/19.Students visited Environmental laboratories, Uti...

Expert Lecture @ CE

Sep 19, 2019

An expert lecture has been organized for students of 7th semester chemical engineering on 19/9/2019. Prof.V. V. Mahajani, Retired Professor, ICT, Mumbai had delivered lecture on “Methanol; A Growth En...

Industrial Visit @ NPCIL

Sep 19, 2019

The department of Mechanical Engineering of SRICT organized an Industrial visit to NPCIL. Kakrapar for 7th sem Mechanical Engineering students on 18/09/2019. Students got practical as well as theoreti...

Expert Lecture @ EST

Sep 18, 2019

Department of Environmental Science & Technology organized an expert lecture on "Cleaner Production Case Studies" on 17.09.19.for the students of 3rd and 7th semester. Dr. C B Upasani, Director from "...

Industrial Visit @ Riddhi Pharma

Sep 09, 2019

Department of Environmental Science & Technology organized an industrial visit for the students of SEM 3 at Riddhi Pharma on 9th September 2019. Students saw processes used in production of intermedia...

Industrial Visit @ Gujarat Guardian Ltd.

Sep 09, 2019

An industrial visit was arranged in Gujarat Guardian Ltd., Vataria on 07th September 2019. 7 students of Glass and Ceramic Technology across various semesters accompanied with the faculty member Mr. A...

Industrial Visit @Analpa Industries

Sep 08, 2019

Department of Chemical Engineering organized an industrial visit for 5th semester students at M/s. Analpa Industries, Ankleshwar on 07/09/2019. Dr. Mriganka Mondal and Mr. Sudeep Wadia accompanied the...

Tech-Guru Award

Sep 07, 2019

GTU has awarded Dr Alok Gautam and Dr Shina Gautam from Shroff S R Rotary Institute of Chemical Technology on the "Event: Tech-Guru Award" organized on 05th September 2019,...

Student's Testimonial

    1. Maitri Bhatt

      It is my pleasure to write about “SRICT”. SRICT is a place where you can find an amalgamation of learning, fun, culture and many such life preaching activities. My sincere appreciation and gratitude to the faculty and all staff of SRICT for their efforts in imparting qualitative and technical knowledge. Activities like felicitating the capable students after each semester exams to impart motivation to them, industrial visits, expert lectures, 5s, peer learning to enhance senior-junior relations gives the unique identity to SRICT.

    2. Yash Goel

      What makes SRICT unique is the way in which the relationship between management and students is nurtured. One has enough freedom to complaint from amount of sugar in tea in canteen to a new equipment in a lab. When the institute itself is younger than you, the learning process becomes two-way which makes it even more fascinating. SRICT is amongst the very few colleges that take special initiatives like 5S at work, Industrial visits and expert lectures for students, Peer learning to enhance senior-junior relations and many more on-campus and off-campus activities. I proudly say that I am an SRICTian.

    3. Prashant Patil

      This is my privilege to write about this “FORTUNATE HOUSE” of education i.e. my SRICT. Yes I wrote fortunate house because SRICT always stands in top 3 in south zone of GTU along with it, it always stands with higher rank in whole GTU. This is all because of the hard work of management, teachers and students to achieve its goal each and every time. SRICT has the unique facility of felicitating the capable students after each semester which motivates every student to perform better. Another thing which I like the most is that it makes at least 3 or more industrial visits as well as expert lecture per semester which helps us to relate between theoretical and practical phase of our course and helps to develop one’s personality which is most important to stand in outside world. Last but not the least I would like to add the activity 5S which is being done here in SRICT. It is the first 5S certified engineering college of India.

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