Fire Technology & Safety

The diploma course in Fire Tech. and Safety deals with the planning, implementation, control and monitoring of fire protection standards and compliance with them. In any infrastructure there is a risk of fire accidents due to explosions or other accidents. Fire and safety officers find solutions to prevent accidents and ensure that all factors in the infrastructure are followed in accordance with safety standards.

This course is not only required by law, it’s also an extremely important skill to obtain regarding the safety of employees and others who might be in the building. Fires are damaging to property, cause injury or death, and can even eliminate jobs since many buildings destroyed by fire are not rebuilt. The way to prevent these dire events is proper fire safety training.

Taking part in fire safety training will provide the skilled persons with skills such as recognizing hazards, being able to complete a fire risk assessment, taking action in preventing fires, and lastly understanding how to respond in the case of an emergency. All of these are indispensable skills and give employees the potential to completely eliminate fire risks in the workplace

This is a training course for aspirants on how to deal with fire-related risks and how to prevent accidents efficiently. This course focuses on areas such as – fire safety, industrial safety infrastructure management and planning. It trains students and turns them into skilled fire and safety professionals. This course deals with topics such as – fire, fire fighting, fire prevention, fire fighting equipment, communication systems, chemistry, physics, disaster management and industrial safety.

In addition to these subjects, the students also receive a rigorous fire protection exercise in addition to other practical exercises.

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