Dyes & Pigments Technology

This B. E. Chemical Technology – Dyes & Pigments Technology is an Engineering and Technology course. The main focus is on the training towards the laboratory as well as large-scale synthesis and manufacturing of dyes and pigments. Dyes and pigments can be prepared either through synthesis or from natural sources. The synthetic dyes and pigments are prepared through multi-step synthesis, which requires insight into various unit processes and unit operations. The dyes are used for textiles, foods pharmaceuticals, and for hi-tech applications. The application of pigments in Paint, Pigment, tinters, printing inks also in microelectronics, medical diagnosis and information recording techniques etc. The education provided to the undergraduate students is a perfect blend of chemistry and engineering. The research at this department is focused on many high technology areas such as lasers, ink jet printing, optical recording devices and high performance pigments like anticorrosive pigment, pearlescent pigments, Nano-pigments, Pigment Tinters, Paint and coating etc.

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