Center of Excellence (CoE)

The Center of Excellence (CoE) in industrial safety is established at SRICT-Ankleshwar, by the congruous collaboration of UPL Ltd. and Gexcon, Norway. The CoE is bracing up to accept challenges for making industrial work field a safer place, protecting human lives, environment and properties. Zero accident in industries is a reachable target when attitude of caring meets sharing of relevant knowledge. SAFEXCELLENCE is reaching you at a crucial time, when accidents in process plant are on the rise after the lockdown. The newsletter has an aim of not only sharing the occurrences of industrial catastrophes, which fill us with fear and tears but would more like to tell you to focusing care for peers and pare their perils, being a seminal stake-holder of the society. The Safety Newsletter also attempts to bring in experts from industry, government offices, and academia to share their valuable views on safety aspects, on one platform, aiming to reduce risk and hazards in chemical industries.

Please reach us at

Coordinator of CoE, UPL Ltd.

Mr. Piyush Shah (Head-Health & Safety, UPL Ltd.)

Members of CoE, SRICT

Dr. Omprakash Mahadwad -Professor, SRICT(Coordinator)- 8975033066
Dr. Kalpana Rewatkar Yeole – Trainer, Research Scientist, GEXCON India
Dr. Ravindra Kanawade – Asso. Professor, SRICT
Mr. Amol Lakare – Process Safety Manager, UPL Ltd.
Dr. Alok Gautam – Professor, SRICT
Dr. Shina Gautam – Asso. Professor, SRICT
Mr. Govind Keshavrao Patil – Research Scientist, Gexcon India Pvt. Ltd.

Initiatives by CoE

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