About Us

S R I C T is about finding solutions to social exclusion and disintegration and will look to work with private, public and third sector partners in stimulating cohesion, entrepreneurship, economic development and involvement in neighborhood renewal and regeneration within community of chemical industries at Ankleshwar. The basic academic philosophy of the Shroff S.R. Rotary Institute of Chemical Technology is to focus on Chemical Technology (covering Chemical Engineering and other Chemical Technology Courses) as the Gujarat’s industrial strength lies in these areas besides Chemical Engineering. The other guiding philosophy is to create R & D infrastructure in these areas (including trained manpower) to meet the industrial needs of Gujarat.

Vision :

To Strive World Class Institute To Impart Knowledge, Quality Technical Education and Develop Leaders, Required by Chemical and Allied Industries

Mission :

  • To Develop High Quality Technical Education and Personnel with Sound Footing On Basic Engineering Principles.
  • To Impart Practical and Scientific Education for Sustained Development of Student ,Faculty, Staff and Local as Well as Global industry.
  • To Provide Transparent and good Governance, Along With Accountability in all respect.
  • To impart high Quality Flexible training by Branch marking With World Class institutes,to meet future demands of society and industry.
  • To Develop diverse curricula and training programs, so as to offer a wide choice to students to take up career in industries, services organizations and consultancy services.
  • To develop future leaders.

Values – Student Focus

  • Each student is valuable and important.
  • Educate and develop the whole student : A – Accountability B – Leadership C – Responsibility
  • Accountability Ethics and Safety.
  • Ethics and Safety.
  • 05 Industry and Community

Our dream to take care of :

  • Literacy : Skill Development to run Chemical Industries.
  • Employment : Opportunity to train & provide jobs to young generation from Villages in industries.
  • Environment, Water & Energy Conservation : Process improvements to increase efficiencies, reduce waste, reduce energy & water consumption.
  • Hunger : To bring Green revolution to have skilled men-power on fuel technology.
  • Health: With efficient operations, good health of all people working in factories in nearby areas.

KEY FEATURES : S R I C T is different :

  • Offering instruction in engineering and applied sciences at a level comparable to the very best in the world.
  • Providing leadership in curriculum planning and laboratory development.
  • Anticipating the technological needs for India and to plan and prepare to cater to men.
  • Developing continuing education programs.
  • Workshop will also be used for fabricating Chemical equipment so that students can be involved in design & actual construction of equipment.

The current degree programmes are designed to provide flexible training for students to meet the future demands of the process industry. The diverse curricula and training offered make our graduates employable not only to the process industry but also to the other economic sectors, such as management consultancy, banking, finance and accountancy.

How Industry will help :

  • Generous donation to Ankleshwar Rotary Education society which has been approved u/s 80G for Income tax benefit.
  • Involvement of executives as visiting faculties.
  • Sponsoring projects to Students by Industry – Institution partnership.
  • Sponsoring faculties to cover their salaries etc. on annual basis.
  • Offer practical training and jobs to the Students.

Promoting Body :

  • Rotary Club of Ankleshwar (Member of Rotary International – 105 year old International Organization) has more than 100 members all professionals from different vocations always believe in doing Projects as per community needs and earlier performance is as follows:
  • Green Ankleshwar Free From Pollution (with this initiative, world class facilities are set up like Enviro Technology Ltd. (ETL). Bharuch Enviro Infrastructure Ltd. (BEIL), Bharuch Eco Aqua Infrastructure Ltd. (BEAIL), Sajjan India Ecology Centre.
  • UPL Rotary Library – This project has helped most of small scale Industries & Technocrats for providing chemical abstracts & technicals books.
  • Shanti Dham – World Class Crematorium Project which is approved an ISO-14001.
  • Permanent Conciliation Committee – Facilitate to solve more than 800 legal cases.
  • G. C. Nahar Eye Bank – 130 eye balls collected.
  • Rotary Joggers Park
  • Day Centre for MENTALLY Challenged Children
  • Providing facilities / equipment to schools, hospitals